Iranian Performing Arts is a non-profit cultural and educational organization based in Boston, MA. The mission of this organization is to uncover, preserve and promote authentic forms of Iranian dances. This organization provides an opportunity for Iranian dance companies and directors to collaborate and expand their knowledge, while reaches out to the Iranian and non-Iranian community to teach about the history, culture, music, and traditional customs through dance.
About Iranian Performing Arts
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Current Projects
- Programing and Organization of the 2nd IIDC
- Fundraising for the 2nd IIDC conference
-Planning for training and choreographies for 2015-16 season

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Iranian Performing Arts
2nd International Iranian Dance Conference
IDA Performing Group
Dance Lessons
Courtesy of Zarmik Moqtaderi
-2nd International Iranian Dance Conference (IIDC)-August 15th-18th in Cambridge, MA
How to Contribute!
-Donate or pledge to fundraise (Tax deductible)
-Attend the Conference
Special Thanks
-Tara Dezfoli- Costume tailor and designer
-Zarmik Moghtaderi-Lead photographer
-Maziar Rezaei-Photographer
-Morteza Delgir-Photographer
-Iranian Association of Boston-Rehearsal space