Iranian Dance Arts is a non-profit (currently seeking 501-c in MA) cultural and educational organization based in Boston, MA. The mission of this organization is to preserve and pass on authentic forms of Iranian folk and classical dance; and promote awareness, understanding, reconciliation, and peace through folk and classical dances.
This organization provides an opportunity for Iranian dance companies and directors to collaborate and expand their knowledge, while reaches out to the Iranian and non-Iranian community to teach about the history, culture, music, and traditional customs through dance.
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- Preserving folk dances of Iran
- Fundraising for the 2nd IIDC conference

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Courtesy of Zarmik Moqtaderi

-April 30th at Jose Mateo Ballet Theater's Dance For World Community Cocktail kick off benefit party-a fundraising event to support the DWC festival in June.

-2nd International Iranian Dance Conference (IIDC)-August 15th-19th in Cambridge, MA (details not available yet).